What is a custom website?

A custom website is a specially designed digital representation of your brand that is unique and made just for you. It serves as your business’s identity online, which is crucial for success in today’s digital world. When creating a custom website, each part is carefully crafted to reflect the special characteristics of your brand. This type of website can have various pages that showcase your products or services, important information about your company, ways for people to contact you, and more.

What are the benefits of having a custom website?

Having a custom website offers many advantages. The main benefit is that it is tailor-made to perfectly match your brand, making it a powerful platform to showcase what you offer. Additionally, using different software applications during the website’s creation gives you a competitive edge. Custom websites also have unique coding, which helps improve how easily people can find your business online, essential for growing your business and establishing your brand.

What are the stages of website development?

Website development is a journey that involves several stages. First, you gather all the important information, like what you want your website to achieve, which you or your development team will handle. Next, comes the planning stage, where the basic layout of your website is outlined. Then, the design phase brings your website to life through coding and adding content. Finally, the site undergoes testing to ensure everything works correctly before it is launched to the public.

What requirements do I need to provide to build my custom website?

To create your custom website, there are certain key details you need to share. First, clarify the purpose of your website, whether it’s to showcase your products or build your personal brand. Next, list the pages you want on your site, like a blog page or an „About Us“ page. Additionally, describe your preferences for how your website should look, including the colors and animations you like, among other design elements.